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Practice with me 

I offer private yoga classes in person and over zoom. 

Yoga was my first path to healing, and quickly came to be my passion. I learned that it not only helped a great deal with my physical ailments, but also served to heal and release emotional pain that was stored in my body. This was the first step towards a complete transformation of myself and my life. 
During the past decade of practicing and teaching yoga I have learned that working with the physical body through asanas (posture) and pranayama (breath control) helps us become aware of our subtle energy bodies. The physical body becomes a gateway to the mind, to our soul, and to our spirit. 


Practice at home on your own. 

Yin Yoga class

60 min

This class was created to help you calm down your nervous system. We hold each posture for 5-7 min. It is focused on healing your body, helping your release stress and 

tension, and bringing your body back into homeostasis. I recommend doing this class once a week or more. All levels.

To book a private yoga class in person or over zoom, please email

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