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Health coaching

Mikayla G, 25, USA

"I am so very blessed and thankful to have found Charlotte. Charlotte is a very kind hearted person who always makes sure you’re taken care of. She has really helped me change my life around and get back on track of feeling well again and healing. It can be really scary to feel so sick you can’t even get out of bed and have no answers but having someone who truly wants to see you better is truly a blessing. I reached out to her and she promptly responded and scheduled a call with me. She wrote up a protocol/ routine to start with and ever since I started that I was feeling better. I was dealing with brain fog, unbearable fatigue, dizziness, weakness and breathing problems. After following the protocols that were set for me I started feeling better within about two weeks. It’s amazing to start feeling your body healing and being able to do things that you never thought you’d be able to do again because you were too sick. It does take some hard discipline to see results but if you stick to the protocols, you’ll get there. She always made herself available to answer any and every question I had. She never made me feel that I was bugging her or she was too busy for me. She was always on time for our calls and never cancelled on me. I’m so grateful for Charlotte and I hope she is able to help millions just like me."

Lexa O, 25, Hawaii 

"Charlotte is extremely charismatic. I was fortunate enough to find her through Medical Medium. She's helping me with my cleanse to heal journey. If you are looking for someone to help you understand your body, Charlotte is your gal! I'm on week two and already noticing changes thanks to her. Always looking forward to our next conversation. Charlotte, thanks for being you!"

Angela M, 54, Australia

"I would recommend Charlotte to anyone looking for guidance and health coaching.  I found her to be extremely knowledgeable and  professional but above all non judgemental and kind.  I was so inspired after speaking with her I automatically recommended her to friends who are suffering with their own health concerns. She provides a safe, wise and loving way to be guided to better health."

Shadi S, 54, USA

"I enjoyed working with Charlotte. She is kind and a great listener. I loved my session with her. She gave me a protocol that was easy to follow and yet very effective. I started seeing results in about two weeks. I recommend Charlotte to anyone who is looking for a kind, honest health coach with an extensive knowledge."

Lena R, 55, USA

“Charlotte has been a wonderful guide for me during my healing journey. For many years I was trying almost all different holistic health treatments, like coffee enemas, bentonite clay, charcoal, apple cider vinegar and more. Until I realized that nothing I do is making my health better, on the contrary it made it a lot worse. When I started the protocol Charlotte advised me it did not take long until the pain in my teeth subsided, the dark circles under my eyes were gone, my skin tone changed, I lost stubborn weight I hadn't been able to loose for years, and my age spots are fading! Charlotte has been encouraging me through the hard times, and provided me with excellent knowledge and wisdom. I am so happy I decided to work with her!"

Giulia Z, 30, Italy

“I found Charlotte on Instagram, I was thinking about going back on the Medical Medium lifestyle and protocols since few months but I didn’t have enough motivation myself. On our call, Charlotte was very comprehensive of my unique needs, she made me feel really understood. She gave me a lots of advice and as well a personalized protocol for me to follow for the next few months, based on my personal history and my present requests, making the transition as easy as possible for me to follow. I’m excited to keep healing with her support!”


 "I had tried yoga before, but I thank Charlotte for introducing me to what yoga is really all about. Not just the sweaty exercise, but the profound ancient wisdom that is more relevant today than ever. Through Charlotte’s guidance I have allowed myself to explore my body and my mind and learned to heal a bit more through every practice. After each practice I am left with a feeling of calm, acceptance, joy and a desire to learn more. I recommend everything from her sweaty Vinyasa classes to the tailor made private classes where she has guided me through every chakra."

- Sigrid K

"Yin yoga with Charlotte is like closing out the rest of the world for a moment. After I feel both relaxed and strong. I have practiced yoga for many years with short and long breaks, but yoga with Charlotte is like fining home. Thank you!"

- Maria

"I have been practicing yoga on and off for over 10 years, but it wasn’t until I started attending Charlotte's classes that I began to progress and develop a real interest in yoga. Charlotte has a vast knowledge of the body and easily adapts routines to her students' physical obstacles and needs. In addition to teaching asanas, she is good at communicating and teaching the multiple aspects of yoga. After a class with Charlotte, I feel increased well-being in both body and soul and have almost always learned something new during my sessions with her."

- Linda

"Charlotte is an amazingly talented and empathetic yoga teacher. She sees every person and all her classes are harmonious but rewarding. They include both strength, flexibility and mental presence. I recommend everyone practice yoga with Charlotte."

- Mika

"I have practiced yoga for many years, and finding Charlotte helped me take my practice to an even deeper level. Although her classes can be very tough physically, her presence and knowledge makes me feel safe, grounded and seen. I leave with a feeling of trust in myself each time. I can’t recommend her classes enough! "

- Sara

"I always thought Yoga was boring and sleepy, but lessons with Charlotte totally changed my opinion. She pays attention to my goals and physical difficulties, so I can get motivated while enjoying Yoga. Especially, hip opening exercise routine Charlotte taught me was helpful for my pregnancy because it made my labour smooth and fast considering the fact it was my first. I am sure that was thanks to the yoga sessions with Charlotte. (Breathing and meditation were effective as well!) I'm looking forward to keep taking private classes with her!"

- Mizzy

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