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Health is everything

Are you struggling with your health and looking for answers? 


I’ve been there too. I know how frustrating it can be to have so many unanswered questions. I know what it's like to be told that my symptoms are due to stress or negative thoughts. I've even had doctors tell me "it's all in your head". 


Like so many others, I found my answers and learned how to heal, thanks to Medical Medium. Now, I'm dedicated to helping others on their paths back to health. I'll help you develop a deeper understanding of your body, what lies behind your health problems, and how you can finally heal. 


You CAN heal. You WILL heal.  And I will be honored to guide you through your healing journey.


Coaching includes:

  • Holistic approach to healing

  • Mind-body connection

  • Detoxification strategies

  • Lifestyle changes

  • Spiritual support

Two healing modalities

Medical Medium
Advanced medical informationnutritionherbal medicine, detoxification, supplementationspiritual support
Posture, breathing techniques, meditation, nervous system regulation, mind-body awareness, spiritual support

My coaching method is based on Advanced Medical Medium    information which is designed to find the root of your health problems and remedy them. I am here to guide you through your healing process and show you how to apply MM information properly while catering to your specific needs and lifestyle.

My coaching is also influenced by the ancient teachings of yoga. I help you familiarise yourself with your physical body and your subtle energy bodies, learn how to regulate your nervous system, and discover the mind-body connection which is essential to healing.

Book a session

(Installment payments available)

Choose an option

  • 15 min

  • Includes health assessment, welcome package and personalized coaching

    1 hr 15 min

    220 US dollars
  • Includes personalized coaching. For returning clients only.

    45 min

    99 US dollars
  • Includes 4 x follow-up sessions.

    45 min

    350 US dollars
  • Includes 8 x follow-up sessions.

    45 min

    650 US dollars
  • What does the process of working with you look like?
    Once you schedule your initial session, you will receive a comprehensive health questionnaire via email (within 24 hours). You will be asked to fill it out and send it back to me no later than 72 hours prior to our session. This will save us a lot of time as it will provide me with an understanding of your health history, current state of health, top symptoms, your questions and your biggest challenges before our session starts. During the initial session, you will get to lighten your heart and share your story. We will discuss your health concerns in greater detail and together, we will get to the root of what lies behind your symptoms. The main purpose for the initial session is to review and fully assess your health history, conditions, and concerns in an open dialogue but keep in mind, the majority of our work together will come from follow-up sessions and continuing support throughout your healing journey.
  • How does the process of online meetings work?
    Once you book an appointment with me, you will receive a link to our zoom meeting via email. All you have to do is click on the link to enter our meeting. There is no need for you to download any apps. Just make sure you have a good internet connection.
  • How many follow up sessions do you think I'll need?
    Everyone’s journey is unique. It all depends on where you are in your process and how much support you're looking for. My goal is to provide you with all the information and tools you need in order for you to begin healing and continue healing on your own. In the follow-up sessions we will be creating and personalizing your healing protocol, tailoring it to your individual needs. I will guide you, step-by-step.
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    Only the 3 month starter package has a payment plan option.
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